Eva (in the middle) with her boys and Veronika (on the left) with "the gentler half" of our "pack"

The affix „od Hradu Veveří“ (owned by Eva Hubíková) was found in the year 1999 when our first litter was born (Cora Scandinavia Finland x Ich. Karvin Basic Instinct). Our most successful siblings ICh, MultiCh. Alex od Hradu Veveří and his sister ICh, MultiCh. Aimee od Hradu Veveří come from this litter. Our first stud dog MultiCh. Dewmist Sablefella was imported from Sweden at the beginning of the year 2004. His progeny has achieved unbelievable health results (almost all HD and elbows scores are negative) and much success at shows and in the field as well. His successor Monty (ICh, MultiCh. Pinkerly Quien Sabe) was brought two years later from Italy. Monty has been one of the most winning dogs in Central Europe and has been used not only by czech breeders but also in foreign countries. Monty´s pups have usually inherited self-confident behavior and his distinctive expression. His progeny is healthy and successful at shows in our country as well as abroad.

Unfortunately, we didn´t have the same luck with bitches. Due to a missing brood bitch and other problems we weren´t able to breed a full litter for many years. In 2007 a one-year-old Pinkerly bitch came from Italy. Shine (ICh, MultiCh. Pinkerly Rain or Shine) found a new blood line represented by the new affix „Flores Vitae“ (owned by Veronika Hubíková). Her first litter overcame our expectations, especially because of their equality in every aspect. All ten pups have negative HD and elbows scores and and are very successful both at shows and at work. The youngest members of our golden pack Apollo (JCh. Apollón Flores Vitae) and Freya (JCh. Afrodíté Flores Vitae) come from this litter as well. We hope that the unique equality of their brothers and sisters will be passed down to their progeny.

Our assumption was confirmed by Freya´s first litter, from which we´ve kept Angelo (Black Angel Flores Vitae) in co-ownership. We are co-owners of Sophie (Cassiopeia Flores Vitae), the only girl from Shine´s litter, as we´ve needed a successor of our bitches.

Veverská Bítýška castle Veveri

In my next life I´d like to be born as a puppy in your home. Too bad I probably won´t make it.“ (our vet)

Our dogs live with us in a family house with big garden. They have free access to all rooms as well as to the garden. They´re used to go for walks along the nearby river every day and they insist on them in all weather. There are suitable conditions for work in the surroundings which isn´t appreciated only by us but also by our czech and foreign friends who come from time to time for training.

We prefer to keep pups close to us for the first 3 weeks of their life because we want them to be under constant control. As soon as they outgrow their box they are moved to their own tiled room with a small yard. The „puppy room“ is located slightly below the level of garden so the temperature is very pleasant even in the greatest heat of summer. Since the 4. week pups spend nice days in the fenced part of garden (cca 200 m2) under the trees. They enjoy playing with loads of toys, bathing in a small pool, crawling through tunnel and most of all „gardening“ :) We´re trying hard to provide as many different experiences as possible to ensure good socialization and healthy development of their self-confidence.